Sound The Mute

Sound The Mute


1. Odium

Try to keep my head a float.
But whats it worth.
A distorted vision of my reflection trapped inside these ruptured waves.
It bleeds its way through my veins.
It teethes its way through my thoughts.
Feed my wounds with salt I will fade.
No structure to my complexion.
As the cancer weakens my growth.
A cell body spawns in to erupt.
My disorder sporadic instability.
Try to keep my head afloat but a brain stem says no.
And all I’ve got is a traitor.
You are the traitor.
I am the traitor.
(murmur the words that bread a fetus tearing at your frontal lobe).
It will twist and contort.
I want to feel at home.
When I’m in my self.
Your presence is there.
And you’ve brought a friend.
A cell body spawns into erupt.
My disorder sporadic instability.
Is there some music playing.
No you do.
I wish you had cancer.
I will watch you rot.
End this now, forever will be never more.

2. Sound The Mute

Can you hear it?
He is beating at your drum.
Smell the fury.
Why does it taste like blood?
My teeth are through my lip.
I take it all in.
The shackles hold my nerve.
I take it all in.
You claw at my skin.
My skin crawls when I despise you like I do.
Fuck you all.
Drop in, drop out.
Fall in, fall out.
Drop in, fall out.
Sound the mute.
Can you hear him now?
(can you hear him now? He is beating on your drum).

3. Carrying Coffins With Hands Carved From Stone

There was a time.
When I found beauty in a false shade of colour.
In a haze that hovered just above reality.
A numbness that was iceberg cold.
It now fills pages with senseless failure.
And paints horror pictures in my slumber.
This film is on repeat.
Will my mind eclipse to the torment?
Carrying coffins with hands carved from stone.
And now I look further past the horizon to start a new.
(I try to).

4. Empty Skies Of A Lonely View

Why have grown so far apart?
I think my eyes have opened up.
To see that time is more precious at present.
Would rather make my eyes sore than watch you grow old.
A selfish act of an empty soul.
Who would think my eyes would burn at the sight of the sun?
I’ve failed you.
Who would think my eyes would burn?
Who would think my eyes would turn?
My eyes are burnt out.
For what?
I didn’t mean to let my emperor’s down.
Why would I lie?
(I’ve failed you).
I didn’t mean to let you down.
Another way to achieve a bleeding skull.
Why would I lie?
I’ve failed you.
Join me watch as the sky collects us.
Collects us.
Why can’t you join me.
Me and my empty skies.
(of a lonely view).