We Lost The Sea

We Lost The Sea

The Quietest Place On Earth

1. A Quiet Place

A plunge. A dive.
I gamble fate.
Abandon control, obey gravity.
From here, earth’s claw cannot over bare.

I hear nothing, dead silence i grasp as comfort.
I pilot limbs, as if they were wings.
Carve through the clouds.
Plummet to the below.
I pilot limbs.

I gamble fate.

I gamble fate, unknowing of what it will bring to me.

2. Barkhan Charge

Here we are.
We giants swim, between the eyes of the deep.
Our spirits collide, intertwined.
His right-hand man, an empty vessel.
A trooper in command, know nothing but to serve.

A ten thousand year march.
Where will we sleep, when will we sleep?
In the soil we lie.

Dense, with fear.
In the soil we lie.

In the soil we lie, numb and deprived, no structure binds us.
Awaiting the smile of a king, a passing glimpse of night and day,
Gives us a sign, we must prevail.
Holding on.

No man or beast will slow us on our climb,
Holding on.

Onward away from violent birth,
Into another realm.

Moving on.
(i guess i’m moving on)

3. With Grace

Where are you queen of the moon?

I’ve dreamt of mosaic landscapes, and skies full of diamonds.
Hanging low over valleys,
In which new life runs thick.
Where delicate whispers set sail into the wind.
Assuring that i have found, and become middle earth.
And centuries will pass and fade at rabid pace.
For the giving to the soil, we worship the land.
And this lucid way of rest is how i want to remain.
Converging through the void, finally passing on.
Contently, with grace.

Our suns speak in tongue unknown to man.
Our suns speak in tongue unknown to all.

4. Forgotten People

Lyrics by Belinda Licciardello

5. Nuclear City

No Lyrics

6. A Day and Night of Misfortune I – Day

Among the eye of ocean storm,
Lies divide between the rival.
To beckon death upon thee,
And crown a name upon the surface.
The unforgiving swirl,
Will drown every last breath.
No mercy no hesitation.
With great force,
Floods the land.

And to this i see only red.
Must i conquer he who taunts memory?
Or be on my way?
Be the righteous as a spine.
This burden hovers above.
This will not calm,
Nor claim a last thought.
To conquer is to put mind at ease.
Day sees the shadow of night.
Night holds great challenge.
To bare chosen destiny.
Tonight i will be reborn.

7. A Day and Night of Misfortune II – Night

I will sleep with the ocean bed.
Tonight will see to the end of us both.

To the last i grapple thee.
From hells heart i stab at thee.
For hates sake i spit my last breath at thee.

I will sleep with the ocean bed.
Tonight and forever.

I will sleep with the ocean bed.
Tonight will see to the end of us both.

We Lost The Sea


1. The Vessel

No Lyrics

2. Hail! Star Of The Sea (The Rise Of A Shining Emperor)

As we set out on our voyage
Across mysterious waters
I stare into the matte black starry sky
Where you shine so pretty and bright!
So bright!

Adored by the many that surround, you shine!
Your immaculate ways will guide me through to the end of our journey
Hail! Star of the sea

Filled with uncertainty and fear
I know you will see me through
I know you will guide me through to the end

With the stench of death in the air
Uncertainty and fear
I know you will see me through to the end
Of our journey…

3. Balaklava Cold

Bring forth the overpowering grasp of balaklava
Our men are left gnawing on desperation
As their bodies give in to the torment that has stricken their souls
Amongst the hailing gunfire
I turn to my side
Only to find my fellow allies…

Victimized by the mighty bear paw
And so i pray for all of them
Who truly need it

I praise them to the sky
A sky that is burning red
Lit up like a furnace
Exactly how i pictured the end of the world
Is it really worth it?
I look around
All that is left is the rotten cores of…

The slowly decaying walking dead
And i refuse to take part!
I will not take part
Keep pushing forward
I will not take part
Keep pushing on

4. Siege Of Sevastopol

Conceived from an emperors womb
Raised for pure destruction
But there is no defeat
On conquerors land
And so we were told…
You must die where you stand

5. March To Scutari

Over and beyond the blazing horizon
Is where serenity lies
I’ve struggled through these smouldering fields
Slowly withering away
And i’ve witnessed the forlorn gaze of the fallen brave
Their complexion has turned to absence
Their bodies all resembling paralysis
And even though i’ve come out battered and bruised and barely breathing
It’s your guidance that has brought me to where i stand
Triumph is now the epilogue
Because i still stand…
I stand amongst the dead
I still stand among the dead
A home stretch, one final battle
I will be joining you soon
Dying to be set free…

We stride toward a blinding light
With our heads held strong and high
Trumpets sound as we become the clouds
We will forever roam like kings
Living eternal life