To our wonderful family and friends. To Chris’ extended family of friends and his band of brothers that are WLTS. To friends in the music community and to all of you that have known and loved Chris and have reached out to us from all over the world with your messages of love and support…….Thank you.

We cannot begin to put into words how crushed we are at the loss of our beautiful son and brother and really do not know where to begin to go on. Your thoughtful messages and acts of kindness are giving us the strength to put one foot in front of the other and at the moment this is all we can hope to do.

Matt Harvey of WLTS has made a beautiful montage in memory of Chris which was viewed at the service. We would like to share these memories with those of you that we’re unable to see this at the ceremony.

With love and appreciation,

Rick and Maree Torpy and Family