We Lost The Sea

Crimea (Remastered)

We Lost The Sea

Released: April 26, 2014

Lyrics inspirited by Wrapped in Whirlwinds, Poems of the Crimean War by Harry Turner. 

Recorded and Produced at:
Sing Sing Studios Melbourne by Magnus Lindberg. 

Pro-Tools operator:
Gareth Burnell. 

Mixed and mastered at:
Tonteknik Recording Sweden by Magnus Lindberg. 

Remixed by:
Tim Carr at Studios 301 Sydney. 

Remastered by:
Andrew Edgson at Studios 301 Sydney. 

Inside photo by:
Carl Whitbread. 

Illustration by:
Craig Johnson. 

Layout and design by:
Matt Harvey. 

All songs written and performed by We Lost The Sea. 
Additional tambourine on March to Scutari by Magnus Lindberg. 
This record was self-funded and released by We Lost The Sea, 2014. 
Originally released 24 July 2010. 
Special thanks to Bird’s Robe Records. 

This album is dedicated to the life, music, voice, and memory of 
Chris Torpy (1988 – 2013) .

Rest in peace brother.

The Quietest Place On Earth

We Lost The Sea

Released: December 1, 2012 
Lyrics: here.

“The Quietest Place on Earth is the follow up to We Lost the Sea’s acclaimed first record, ‘Crimea.’ This record displays the band in peak form, showing maturity in song writing and a unprecedented culmination of styles. Out through Birds Robe Records, ‘The Quietest Place on Earth, will take you on a emotional journey, the soaring post rock will slowly raise you high above the earths atmosphere in space, where time has no sway, and then bring you crashing down to the depths of the ocean, where you will feel the weight of We Lost the Sea crushing down upon you.” 

This record is dedicated to the memory of Chris Torpy. Rest in peace brother. 

Recorded and engineered by Tim Carr at 301 Studios in Sydney. 


We Lost The Sea

Released: July 24, 2010
Lyrics: here.

This record was inspired by poems written about the Crimean war and heroic infamous figures such as Florence Nightingale.

We Lost The Sea are a 7 piece post-metal band from Sydney Australia. 

They released their first record entitled ‘Crimea’ in mid 2010. It was engineered and mixed by Magnus Lindberg from Cult of Luna.